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 Ambient Glow Candles

The Ultimate Bath Experience

Baths are an affordable luxury so that you can  totally relax.  Relaxing reduces stress, which reduces illnesses.  It soothes aching muscles and relieves cold and flu symptoms.

We are introducing two kits, a starter bath experience kit and a Pro luxury bath kit. 

STARTER BATH EXPERIENCE contains: 1 unscented, white, ambient candle;1 silky natural soap; 1 bath bomb for simply amazing skin; and 1 exfoliating soap saver pouch.

THE PRO LUXURY EXPERIENCE contains: 2 unscented, white, ambient candles; 1 silky natural soap; 2 bath bombs for simply amazing skin; 1 hand and body lotion ; and 1 exfoliating soap saver pouch

Soon we will offer more selections for pillar candles.  Line your tub with candles. It  is so amazing.