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Ambient Glow Candles

Concrete and Wax Candles  (Unscented)

    The ultimate in luxury and class, these candles are sophisticated yet down to earth.   The base of these handcrafted candles are made of concrete.  They are offered in a set of 3. The 4th with the diagonal concrete will be offered as an add on to the collection, at a later date.The wax on the small candle is 2" in height, the medium and large wax is 2.5" in height, including a 2.5 inch base.  

     These pillars are unscented.  People that use pillars say that they love the light and the calmness of the flame.  If you prefer a  scent, pair it with a wax tart (clamshell) of your favorite scent.

     The skillfully crafted logo charm was engraved by Navarre 3D Printing, In Ft Walton Beach, Florida.

(allow up to two weeks for your candle order to ship)